Kobit K7 on MAN TGM 18.290 high pressure cleaning system

Demonstration sweeper deliverable December 2023, first use 02-2022, ca. 60.000 km, ca. 2.700 working hours high pressure cleaning system 160 bar/122 l sweeping-unit right-left swiveling roller brush manouvrable suck shaft waste and fresh water tank stainless steel fresh water tank 3.000 Liter front brush at the right side with telescopic lateral adjustment camera clima radio…

SORRY SOLD – Kobit K7 on MAN TGM 18.250

Available from November 2022, used sweeper, first use 09-2020, about 1.650 working hours, about 36.000 km waste tank 7 cbm fresh water 3000 l waste- and fresh water tank complete stainless steel sweeping unit right side with double plate brush and manoeuvrable suck unit sweeping unit left side with swiveling roller brush wed-killing brush rear…

SORRY SOLD – Cleaner N30 on Ladog T1700

new sweeper, available April 2023 for cleaning oil lanes on streets, places and streets in the city and sports grounds, cleaning car parks working width 1500 mm cleaning with max. 300 bar at max. 31 l water per minute Dreh-Jet-Cleaner for high performance cleaning therme for hot water direct suction, not any water running on…

Weed removal

Weed removal only one work step, weed removal and debirs collection at the same time best  work performance thanks to stable weed brush and maximum suction power Road traffic is hardly hindered. Your advantages effective, fast and inexpensive

High pressure rotary jet cleaning

High pressure rotary jet cleaning Deep pore cleaning direct suction with extremly high performance suction power best cleaning result dries very quickly Technical specifications High pressure rotary jet cleaning up to 300 bar electrically driven Working width 2400 mm Your advantages pore-deep clean dries very quickly thanks to direct suction Super performance

High pressure cleaning

High pressure cleaning Pore-deep cleaning with surface suction Direct suction with extremely high suction power best cleaning result dries very quickly technical details water pressure up to 300 bar working width 2400 mm your advantage best cleaning result street is very fast dry super performance